VIP List: Travel Experts

Photo From Nomadic Matt

Matthew Kepnes, or “Nomadic Matt”, is a blogger, travel expert and a New York Times best-selling author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. Kepnes has a Master of Business Administration, and has traveled to over 80 countries and territories in the last ten years.

Photo From The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten Rich, or “The Blonde Abroad”, has a degree in Business Honors in Financial Services and an extremely successful travel blog. She has traveled to over 50 countries and gets paid by brands to promote their events and resorts.

Photo From View From The Wing

Gary Leff is one of the leading experts in the field of miles, points, and frequent business travel. He is the co-founder of, emcee of the Freddie Awards, and named one of the “World’s Top Travel Experts” by Conde’s Nast Traveler for his award booking service, He’s also a blogger for View From the Wing.

Photo from Hey Nadine

Nadine Sykora is a travel vlogger, videographer, blogger and comedy youtuber who travels the world and shares experiences and expertise through her social media and through her videos. She has visited over 48 countries in the last five years and shares over 300,000 subscribers on her youtube channel.

Photo From Expert Vagabond

Matthew Karsten is a full-time adventure travel blogger and photographer. He is the owner of Expert Vagabond, and he has worked with some of the biggest names in outdoor clothing, photography, and travel.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Maven says:

    I think your VIP list is perfect and I can definitely see how they go with your blog. I like how each have the same “Travel” theme (obviously to match the blog) but differ a little bit. It shows variety. I like the bios for each they weren’t boring to read and it was laid out in a way that made it easy to scroll down and read. Nice!


  2. beyondsweet says:

    You did a really good job explaining how your VIP’s are relevant to your blog! I also love the images you used. You could have just put a photo of just your face, but you made sure that they were photos of them traveling to show how they are relevant to your VIP list. Awesome job!


  3. Patrick Clines says:

    These are great choices for your VIP list


  4. Tatum says:

    I really like your VIP list!! I’ll have to check out some of their blogs. You might want to check out the travel blog CupofTJ! She’s a really awesome budget traveler who quit her job to see the world.


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