My Favorite Road Trip Spots in Florida

Who says you can’t go on an awesome road trip without leaving your own backyard? On MyGoogleMap, I’m sharing with you guys, my favorite travel buddies, some of my favorite road trip spots in Florida! Grab your buds, some funky tunes, and your favorite car snacks- we’re going on a road trip!


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  1. Tatum Swann says:

    Love your map! I’m always looking for cool places to road trip to in Florida and these are some of my favorites. I definitely want to make a day trip to Wynwood sometime soon!


  2. Calvin Daily says:

    This is such an informative and useful map! I especially like the you incorporated the directions aspect to it so it gives any future travelers more of a road trip game plan than just points in Florida. This is well thought out and I could completely imagine some other adventure seekers utilizing this. There is a lot of points that I have yet to visit and would love to look up more information about based on viewing their locations on your map. Thank you for sharing and great post!


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