The Work Arctic Experience

Hello, my fellow traveler buddies! So, as many of you know, one of the beliefs that I’ve always held true is the idea that travel plays a huge part in developing yourself and figuring out who you are. Something about being out of your element and routine makes you realize what matters most to you.

Recently, my good friend Jose came back from a five month trip to Alaska. He was able to do through a program called Work Arctic. In a nutshell, the program involves working in a camp in Alaska while getting free housing and meals, paychecks, and a chance to explore Alaska and make friends. The jobs differ depending on the season, but they all involve cleaning, cooking, and hosting. Sounds pretty awesome, right? “But wait! There’s more!” This program is aware of the fact that airfare is one of the most difficult aspects of traveling. As a result, they offer a season completion travel reimbursement bonus. There are four different camps you can work for: Yukon River, Coldfoot, Deadhorse, and Arctic Base. Jose worked for Coldfoot, and he said to tell you guys to do the same, because it’s definitely a fun camp. If anyone knows fun, it’s him. F is for Friends who travel together, U is for…well, I don’t know what U is for. MOVING ON!

So, aside from these awesome perks, why am I telling you guys about this? Jose came back a different man from that trip. He went off the grid, only checking in every few months from the one computer at the base. His love for life and this world was amplified insanely. He realized what he wanted out of life from this trip. Long story short, this trip is great for anyone who wants to get away and find their way in life, while also experiencing the natural beauty this world has to offer.

However, this program isn’t for everyone. First timers may find the camps to be too remote or dismal. For people with these concerns, Work Arctic suggests a Denali Park-type experience. It has a more spring-break like social atmosphere, with restaurants, bars, movie theaters, etc., close by. With thousands of coworkers around, it’s a more comfortable experience.

If you think this might be a good fit for you, I highly recommend that you fill out the application on the website. The adventure of a lifetime could be closer than you think!


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  1. Maven says:

    This sounds so cool and I want to apply for this. Jose has inspired me. This was such a cool read. I wish you included what the camp really did because I want to know more!


  2. Calvin Daily says:

    This is such an interesting topic and showcases something that most readers probably would never know about prior to reading this. This seems like such a unique experience and one to definitely consider based on the descriptions of this post. From my own personal travels to Alaska, I know the beautifully natural atmosphere one can experience there. This is also a useful resource being based in Florida as most people here would not be accustomed to trips or opportunities like this. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work!


  3. This is a great option for people that want to explore, but don’t want to work a BS 9-5 and save up for an expensive trip. I love the idea of traveling to an exotic place, exploring and learning about it, but also contributing to the community. Which also allows you to learn more about yourself, which is always a personal goal when I travel.


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