5 Airlines You Should Fly Instead of United

Hello, fellow travel buddies. You had to know that this was coming. I’m assuming the majority of you have heard about the incident involving United Airlines and one of its passengers. I, along with the rest of the world, am outraged by this cruel and unjust treatment of a fellow traveler. Recently, TripAdvisor announced the winners of its first annual Travelers’ Choice award for airlines. So, for you guys who might be planning a trip, here’s five airlines you should fly with instead of United.

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1. jetBlue

JetBlue is pretty sweet.For starters, passengers get free, unlimited brand-name snacks and drinks. That’s enough to sell me right there. But, wait, there’s more! The airline also has awesome in-flight entertainment options like DIRECTV, Sirius XM Radio and movies. It offers FREE WiFi (or Fly-Fi, as they call it) which is the coolest thing ever. JetBlue has plenty of legroom, even in coach! All these perks plus award-winning service makes jetBlue ideal for avoiding flying United.

2. Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has awesome in-flight services and a 20 minute baggage guarantee. It also has a low fare calendar that finds you the lowest fares for entire months when you have flexible dates. Its price guarantee assures that you will find the lowest airfare on its flights when booking on its website. From beginning to end, your experience with Alaska Airlines will be way better than with United.

3. Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines serves more than 90 destinations throughout the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. This airline makes it its mission to provide great customer service and ensure a great travel experience. What else? Your first and second checked bags fly free! No fees here. Did I hear “no fees”? Yes, Farah’s brain, you did. The airline also does not charge fees for modify your upcoming flight itinerary! No fees AND it’s not United? Count me in.

4. Virgin Airlines

Alaska and Virgin flyers are come of the most loyal in U.S. air travel, and with good reason. Virgin Airlines is the definition of flying in style. Although Alaska Airlines recently bought Virgin Airlines, Alaska promised that it will keep many of the perks that make Virgin Airlines awesome, including the free-in-flight entertainment, mood lighting and boarding music. Whatever the case, two airlines is better than United.

5. WestJet

WestJet makes it its mission to enrich the lives of everyone in its world by providing safe, friendly and affordable air travel. The airline has a strong commitment to safety, and it truly cares for its guests and their experiences. The airline also offers over 650 hours of free streaming content, which will make for a much more pleasant experience than any flight on United.


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  1. Maven says:

    Im laughing so hard because when I went to comment I was thinking you do traveling and wondered if you were gonna do something on the United scandal. Here it is ! The petty gif was a perfect touch.


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