Top 5 Apps For Travelers

Hello, my fellow travel buddies! I’ve missed you quite a bit. *virtual group hug* I’ve been away, traveling Europe as I said in my last post, but I’m back now! While I was abroad, my experiences inspired a lot of different ideas for this blog. For example, I found relief with some apps that made my trip a lot easier to survive. These are apps that I genuinely found useful, and saved me from a lot of difficult situations. I definitely recommend looking into these if you’re planning on traveling, or even if you want some help discovering places in your own town!

1. Citymapper

I was never good at remembering directions. I could ask someone how to get somewhere and somehow end up more lost than I was before. Citymapper was my savior. Citymapper maps out how to get to your destination by walking, driving, or taking public transportation or Ubers. My friend and I were able to get around easily with this app, and it was available in almost every city we went to in Europe! I suggest if you’re going to use this app, make sure it’s available in the city you will be traveling to before hand! If not, Google Maps or Sygic should do the trick!

2. SayHi Translate

One of the beautiful things about going abroad is the fact that you’re immersing yourself into a different culture. You get to hear the beauty of a language you don’t speak, which can be a little difficult to keep up with. Luckily, I’ve got just the app for you! SayHi Translate is a great tool for communicating with people who speak a different language. The app’s features include conversational translations, high quality languages, and great speech recognition! This app was so helpful in cities like Amsterdam and Rome, and I definitely recommend you try it out for your next trip!

3. Whatsapp

I don’t splurge for international calling, messaging, or data when I’m traveling. (Hence, broke college student.) Whatsapp was so helpful for getting in contact with family and Airbnb hosts! I was able to call, text, and video chat anyone, including non-iPhone users, whenever I was in a WiFi zone! This app was the only way for me to talk to my mom while I was away, and that alone is enough to make me recommend it to you guys!

4. Backpackr

When traveling, you can get pretty lonely and you may want to meet new people. However, sometimes that can be easier said than done. You always get told not to speak with strangers, but you might want people to share this experience with! Backpackr is great for meeting fellow travelers! It makes it easy to meet up with people in the same city as you and explore or hang out. The app also offers exclusives such as discounts on drinks or food at certain locations!

5. GetYourGuide

As part of a last minute moment of spontaneity in Dublin, my friend and I decided we wanted to visit the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. We only had one more full day in Ireland, so we didn’t have a huge window of time to visit the cliffs. Thankfully, we used GetYourGuide to book two bus tour tickets for early morning the next day! GetYourGuide gives you a best price guarantee, easy booking, last-minute options and more! We got an amazing day tour with Paddy Wagon tours, and we had an amazing day! I highly recommend this for looking for tours!


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